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Black Friday Sale Actions at the Flight Simulation Community

Of course, as always, we have tried to include all significant discount promotions in this article. Due to the lack of time and also due to the abundance of promotions, we can not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. The sheer infinity of the Internet does the rest here.


Here we have listed the discounts offered by developers and publishers who offer discounts for both Prepar3D/FSX and X-Plane 11 add-ons.


30% discount for MILVIZ.
The discount campaign at MILVIZ runs over the whole weekend until the upcoming Cyber Monday.


Up to 50% discount at Orbx:
This annually recurring discount campaign should be an absolute hit. In the Orbx End of Year Sale there is up to 50% discount on almost the entire assortment until January. Further information we have here for you.

35% discount at Flightbeam Studios.
The discount campaign started on Thanksgiving and runs until December 3rd. You'll find what you're looking for in the Flightbeam Shop.

JustSim offers 30% discount:
And that on the majority of their product range.

Also 30% discount on Digital Design.
Also the Russian colleague Evgeny Bautin doesn't skimp and also offers 30% discount on his sceneries.

25% discount at Aerosoft.
The German publisher Aerosoft has also reduced the price of some of the sceneries by 25%.

20% discount at Dreamflight Studios.
The developers have a handful of scenes in South America both for Prepar3D/FSX and X-Plane 11 in the program.


Here we have listed different discount promotions for airplanes, scenarios and tools for Prepar3D and FSX.


Up to 50% with Lionheart Creations.
All of their aircraft add-ons for Prepar3D and FSX are reduced by between 30 and 50% until December 10, 2019.


Up to -40% for LatinVFR.
The LatinVFR scenarios are 35-40% cheaper until December 3, 2019.
40% off at A_A Sceneries.
Among others in their program: Phuket and Bangkok. The discount campaign for A_A Sceneries runs until 3 December 2019.

20% discount at PKSim.
The studio offers sceneries in South America and the Caribbean. The discount campaign runs until 2 December 2019.


REX Game Studios offer a total of 40% discount on selected products for eleven days.

-40% on RealTurb.
Turbulent discounts are available on all RealTurb packages until 2 December.

X-Plane 11

Now we continue with airplanes and scenarios for X-Plane 11, which we have sorted in the following section.


45% discount on the Torquesim Pocket Rocket.
Soon it will be New Year's Eve again, so this discount campaign is especially suitable.

More discounts at
If you are interested in further products at X-Aviation besides the Pocket Rocket, you can enjoy many more reduced add-ons.

20% on the ToLiss Airbus A319.
Until 2 December you can get the Toliss A319 at a lower price.


40% discount at the PYREEGUE Dev Co. which offers an improvement tool for the Airport Layouts as well as a scenery of the Airport Tivat.

Further discounts in simMarket.
In addition to the larger publishers and developers listed here, many smaller studios are currently running discount campaigns for Black Friday. Many of them can be found here in simMarket.

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