EICK Cork Airport Ultimate & Business Park XP10/11 1.4.0

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EICK Cork Airport, Ireland for XP10 and XP11.

I have put hours and hours into this airport to make it as close as possible to real life and I'm now happy enough with it to share it. I completely re-worked the whole airport and surrounding area.

If you like my work, any donations no matter how small, via paypal.me/xpirishscenery would be greatly appreciated. :)

- Corrected radio frequencies

- Slightly changed the position of the airport to matched ortho scenery

- Updated aprons to match real airport

- Updated Ryanair aircraft to new livery

- Added more aircraft

- Added car parks and lots of cars

- Added hundreds upon hundreds of objects

- Added the new ATC tower

- Added planes and other objects to Atlantic Flight Training

- Added tree lines around airport and surrounding farms

- Added houses, sheds, vehicles, livestock, bales, footballs pitches etc. to surrounding areas

- Custom placed facades in the surrounding business parks to match the real office buildings and aiport hotel

- Added model plane outside airport hotel

- Added housing estate on approach to RWY 17

- Added road network around airport and business parks

- Hundreds of streetlights added in and around the airport

- Added apron lights

- Added exclusions to delete wrongly placed default x-plane forests

- And a lot more!

This airport is intended for use with ortho4xp scenery and overlays, but it should work ok without ortho4xp. Please note that I cannot redistribute the orthoscenery, I recommend using ortho4xp using Bing level 17.

### Full credit goes to Cormac Shaw at http://www.xpih.net for the original custom EICK layout and custom buildings including the excellent glass terminal and cargo buildings. ###


Extract the zip file and place the folder "EICK Cork Ultimate" into your x-plane 11/Custom Scenery folder.

- The following libraries also need to be installed:

Thanks for looking!

  • Version 1.4.0