Welcome to the new flusiboard

We need to be brave in making changes. But changes are essential for staying in sync with the pulse of time. This is why we decided to bring flusiboard to a whole new version. Now the template perfectly fits to your desktop PC as well to your mobile devices. The new look is modern and clean. We focussed on beeing the perfect place for a Flight Simulation community.

The Filebase will take a few days more

Based on a few troubles while transferring data, the migration of our filebase will take a couple of days longer as expected. We're really sorry about that. This is why we have to add every single file per hand again. Apart from the Filebase, all data got transferred. This means: If you're existing user: You can log in to your account and start exploring the new flusiboard - with all your previous threads, posts, conversation messages and more.

    About the Author

    Hallo Leute! Ich bin Sascha und habe gemeinsam mit Frank flusinews.de sowie das flusiboard ins Leben gerufen. Über Freundschaftsanfragen, Profilnachrichten, persönliche Nachrichten oder sonstige Aktivitäten eurerseits freue ich mich sehr!

    Sascha Team