Making the IXEG 737 Classic flyable in X-Plane 11

What are the problems?

Currently, the Add-On is official still only with X-Plane 10 compatible. Using the plane with X-Plane 11 causes two serious errors. The first error exists since the first Beta version of X-Plane 11: The APU isn't working. The second error exists since the final version of XP11 have been released: It seems like the Engines are "going crazy". This problem is based on minor changes within the engine-logic of X-Plane 11, done by Laminar Research shortly before the release of the final version of X-Plane 11.

How to solve the problems.

The both described problems can be solved very easily. After that, the plane should run perfectyl with X-Plane 11.

Note: We cannot give any guarantee that this tutorial is working well. Furthermore we cannot give a liability to any damage by using this tutorial. These Tips are inoddical and not verified by IXEG.

Step 1: Take a Backup

To solve the problems, the file B733.acfmust be written. It is located in the directory X-Plane 11 Main Directory\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic and first should be saved by a backup.

Step 2: Open the B733.acf in Plane Maker

As next, you have to open Plane Maker, which is located in your X-Plane 11 root directory. After Plane Maker is completely loaded up, just click File » openand select the B733.acf inX-Plane 11 » Aircraft » X-Aviation » IXEG 737 Classic. Following this, please click Open Aircraft.

After another loading process, the view should look like this:

Step 3: Making the APU available

The reason why the APU doesn't run up under X-Plane 11 is that the declaration about a APU in this plane doesn't exist in X-Plane 11. The solution is quite simple: We just have to tell X-Plane 11 that a APU is existing at that plane.

This can be done in the panel Standard » Systems » Elektrical. Just set a check mark to auxiliary power unit (APU), APU provides bleed air for engine start and APU provides generator for electrical supply, finished.

Step 4: Adjust the Engine parameters

As the APU information about this plane is now set, we have to solve the thrust issues. To do this, please close the still opened SystemsPanel by clicking one of the dark gray X.

CAUTION: Just close the sub panel, not the whole Plane Maker.

Now open the panel Standard » Engine Specs. Here you have to adjust the values hi idle fuel adjustment to 1.16 and lo idle fuel adjustment to 0.88. That's it!

As next you have to close this sub panel. After that, just save your changes by clicking File » Save[Strg-s] and close Plane Maker. Thus your changes are active and the IXEG 737 Classic should run perfectly in your X-Plane 11. We wish happy landings!

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