Advertising at Flusiboard

On this page you can learn more about advertising at Flusiboard. Flusiboard started in 2011 as a community for our news portal Meanwhile it has established itself very well and belongs to one of the most popular communities in the German-speaking area. But also internationally the Flusiboard makes itself more and more a name.

How does it work?

Quite simple and simple: We also use the FlightSim AdWork to manage our advertising space at Flusiboard. We founded this a few years ago. The aim was to create a central point of contact for advertisements on all our flight simulation portals.

What does advertising on Flusiboard cost?

Advertisements on Flusiboard are offered at FlightSim AdWork's regular rates.

Book advertising...

We have convinced you and you would like to book advertising here on Flusiboard? Class, then you are only three simple steps away from your advertisement here in our community:

  1. Create an Advertiser Account in FlightSim AdWork
    Create your advertising account in FlightSim AdWork easily and conveniently here. Please note that each new registration must be moderated. This has the simple reason that we want to make sure that only advertisers can be active who actually want to place relevant ads around the flight simulation.
  2. Create advertisement
    Once you have created your advertiser account, you can immediately start creating your first advertisements. For an overview of all ad types, click here.
  3. Create a campaign
    Finally, of course, your ad needs a campaign to be delivered. While in step two "Create ad" you determine how the ad should look like and where it should link to, in the campaign you define everything about budget, delivery strategy and delivery times. This is where you manage your ad. Here's an overview of the prices.